Monday, May 23, 2011

Intro - Ethan and Me

Ethan and Me

Welcome to the life of a 36 year old man and his son. 

    I love my life as is, I have a beautiful wife, two girls a 9 year old and a 6 year old who if not for them I would have never been prepared as a dad for my son Ethan who has Down syndrome. I have to be completely honest when we found out that Ethan might have DS I felt like I gave up on life, it completely crushed me, I felt like God had crushed me like an empty soda can and said to me here is your punishment for all the bad things you have done in your life. 

When Ethan was born I was excited because I had a son but inside the devil had already taken over (I had already given up). The day after Ethan was born I left the hospital for a few hours to go shower with no intention of going back. I was so depressed and empty inside, I was going home to end it all. As I sat in the shower crying asking God why me all I could do is stare at the gun next to me, I sat there for what felt like hours yet it was only a few minutes. Though thru all the tears and the praying and cursing something happen that changed my life forever.

Not really sure who it was, either my grandfather that was my everything who had died just a few months before Ethan was born or maybe God himself taking care of me grabbed my shoulder and instantly the emptiness and sadness went away and I was filled with everything positive that I needed to go back to my new baby boy. So as if nothing had ever happen I got up and got dressed with my new positive attitude rushed back to be with my wife and just anxiously waited for them to bring my baby boy back. As of that very moment when they brought him in and he was with daddy again I promised him that I would do everything I could possibly do to make sure he knew I would never turn my back on him again.

So then it started my new life with my baby boy. Ethan is 21 months now and wow what a ride it has been, there has not been a dull moment on this ride, my lil boy is amazing he is such a fighter he has proven to all of us that he truly has a heart of a warrior and he never gives up. This boy loves the water don’t matter what water, pool, beach, sink, tub. My blaster will win us a gold medal one day in swimming!!
(God never punished me, He Rewarded me)

Follow Ethan and Me on our journey thru UP’s and Down’s as we challenge life with all it has to throw at us!